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E-Bikes are a great way to extend your rides and make them more fun. From commuting to weekend rides on the D&L E-Bikes are for everyone. 

Specalized Como 

Our favorite E-Hybrid. The Creo mixes both comfort and performance. With up to an 80nm motor for plenty of assist and great handling bot at slow speeds for getting through gates on the rail trail, and stability at cruising speeds for the rest of your ride. 


Specalzied Levo

The ultimate E-MTB. With 160/150 travel and a mixed wheel setup the levo descend as hard as it climbs. With 85Nm of torque output and up to 60 miles of range the levo is ready for endless laps. 


Specialized Creo

An E-Gravel bike for ultimate adventures. With wide and comfortable 47c tires, plenty of hard mounts, and up to 120 miles of Range the Creo is up for any adventure you throw at it.  


Velotric Thunder

This is an awesome entry level E-Bike espicaly if you want a sporty bike. With its 38mm wide tires and sporty fit, it is a great bike if you want a bike that reacts quickly to your inputs. 

Velotric D2

A great entry level comfort hybrid E-Bike. The best handling comfort hub drive E-Bike. It features a torque sensor for smoother assist than other bikes in its class. This is our most popular sub 2k E-Bike  

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